Sordid Spheres!

Sphere Horror In The Seventies

** Sphere Horror In The Eighties


Les Daniels – The Black Castle
Gerald Suster – The Elect
Jere Cunningham – The Legacy
William Hope Hodgson – The House On The Borderland
Robin Squire – A Portrait Of Barbara
John Cameron – The Astrologer
Robert McCammon – Bethany’s Sin
William H. Hallahan – Keeper Of The Children
Ray Russell – The Devil’s Mirror
Roy Russell – Prince Of Darkness


Basil Copper – Necropolis
M. Jay Livingstone – The Prodigy
Andrew Coburn – The Babysitter
Peter Tremayne – Zombie!
Graham Masterton – The Heirloom
Owen West [Dean R. Koontz] – The Funhouse
William Hope Hodgson – The Ghost Pirates
Graham Masterton – The Wells Of Hell
Graham Masterton – Famine
Marc Alexander – The Devil Hunter [non-fiction]
Guy Lyon Playfair – This House Is Haunted [non-fiction]
Robert R. McCammon – They Thirst


Ronald Patrick – Beyond The Threshold
Peter Tremayne – The Morgow Rises
William Hope Hodgson – The Boats Of The Glen Carrig
Stephen Gallagher – Chimera
Marc Alexander – Haunted Houses You May Visit [non-fiction]
Michelle Smith & Lawrence Pazder – Michelle Remembers [non-fiction]
Dillibe Onyearma – Night Demon
Robert R. McCammon – The Night Boat
Ray Russell – Incubus


James Darke – The Witches 1. The Prisoner
James Darke – The Witches 2. The Trial
James Darke – The Witches 3. The Torture
Basil Copper – Into The Silence
Les Daniels – The Silver Skull


Peter Tremayne – Kiss Of The Cobra
Clive Barker – Books Of Blood 1
Clive Barker – Books Of Blood 2
Clive Barker – Books Of Blood 3
Graham Masterton – Tengu
George R. R. Martin – Fevre Dream
James Darke – Witches 4. The Escape


Peter Tremayne – Swamp!
Peter Tremayne – Angelus!
Stephen Laws – The Ghost Train
Clive Barker – Books Of Blood 4
Clive Barker – Books Of Blood 5
Clive Barker – Books Of Blood 6
Rosalind Ashe – Dark Runner
James Darke – Witches 5. The Meeting
James Darke – Witches 6. The Killing


Christopher Fowler – City Jitters
James Darke – Witches 7. The Feud
James Darke – Witches 8. The Plague
Clive Barker – The Damnation Game
Graham Masterton – Night Warriors
Lisa Tuttle – A Nest Of Nightmares


Peter Tremayne – Nicor!
Peter Tremayne – Trollnight
Lisa Tuttle – Gabriel


Alan Ryan (ed.) – Halloween Horrors
Guy N. Smith – Fiend
Stephen Laws – Spectre
Graham Masterton – Mirror
Eric Sauter – Predators
Robert McCammon – Swan Song


Stephen Laws – Wyrm
Guy N. Smith – The Camp
Guy N. Smith – Mania
Graham Masterton – The Walkers
Graham Masterton – Ritual
Bernard King – Witch Beast

Special thanks to Steve Goodwin for his help in compiling this listing and to Nightreader, Goathunter, Calenture and all at Vault who provided cover scans.

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