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Alan Ryan – Halloween Horrors

Posted by demonik on June 3, 2009

Alan Ryan (ed.) – Halloween Horrors (Sphere, 1988)


Alan Ryan – Introduction: Halloween Night

Robert R. McCammon – He’ll Come Knocking At Your Door
Charles L. Grant – Eyes
Whitley Streiber – The Nixon Mask
Peter Tremayne – The Samhain Feis
Steve Rasnic Tem – Trickster
Michael McDowell – Miss Mack
Guy N. Smith – Hollow Eyes
Alan Ryan – The Halloween House
Craig Shaw Gardner – Three Faces Of The Night
Bill pronzini – Pumpkin
Frank Belknap Long – Love In The Wildwood
Ramsey Campbell – Apples
Robert Bloch – Pranks


Hallowe’en– a time for pumpkin lanterns and trick or treat, for hot spiced drinks and party laughter. For some. But not for all. For those lonely souls Hallowe’en is a night of necromancy and bone-chilling fear, when the wild October wind cannot quite mask the high, keening scream of terror, when the ancient evils arise once more from the underworld to lure the unwary to their dark and terrible deaths…

See also Vault’s Halloween Horrors thread.


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