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Robert R. McCammon – Bethany’s Sin

Posted by demonik on June 8, 2009

Robert R. McCammon – Bethany’s Sin (Sphere, 1980; 1989)

Bethany's Sin, Sphere 1989 edition. Artwork Steve Crisp

Bethany's Sin, Sphere 1989 edition. Artwork Steve Crisp

When Evan Reid brought his wife and small daughter to Bethany’s Sin it seemed the perfect setting. A small village, far from the noise and pollution of the city, it was quaint and very peaceful.
Too peaceful. There were no sounds at all . . . almost as if the night had been frightened into silence.
Then Evan noticed there were very few men in the village, and that those he knew of were crippled. And sometimes he thought he heard the sound of horses galloping in the dead of night.
Soon he would know the superhuman secret that kept the village alive. And he would watch in horror as Kay and Laurie underwent a hideous transformation right before his eyes.
He would know the terror that happened at night — and only to men … in Bethany’s Sin.

Visit Goathunter’s excellent official Robert R. McCammon site.


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