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*** Dennis Wheatley Library Of The Occult

M. G. Lewis - The Monk

I’ve included a few sample covers from the ‘Dennis Wheatley Occult Library’ series in the gallery and some of the books will find their way into the posts but for scans of the complete collection you are advised to visit the late Bob Rothwell’s exhaustive Dennis Wheatley info. The collection begins here.

The forty-five volumes were published by Sphere from 1974-1979.

1. Bram Stoker – Dracula
2. Guy Endore – The Werewolf Of Paris
3. Aleister Crowley – Moonchild
4. Helena Petrovna Blavatsky – Studies In Occultism
5. William Hope Hodgson – Carnacki The Ghost-Finder
6. Elliott O’Donnell – The Sorcery Club
7. Paul Tabori – Harry Price: The Biography Of A Ghost Hunter
8. F. Marion Crawford – The Witch Of Prague
9. Dennis Wheatley (ed.) – Uncanny Tales #1
10. A. E. W. Mason – The Prisoner In The Opal
11. J. W. Brodie-Innes – The Devil’s Mistress
12. Cheiro – You And Your Hand
13. Marjorie Bowen – Black Magic
14. Philip Bonewits – Real Magic
15. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe – Faust
16. Dennis Wheatley (ed.) – Uncanny Tales #2
17. John Buchan – The Gap In The Curtain
18. Zolar – The Interpretation Of Dreams
19. Alfred Métraux – Voodoo
20. R. H. Benson – The Necromancers
21. Dennis Wheatley (ed.) – Satanism And Witches
22. Joan Grant – The Winged Pharaoh
23. J.K. Huysmans – Down There
24. M. G. Lewis – The Monk
25. Alexandre Dumas – Horror At Fontenay
26. Donald McCormick – The Hell-Fire Club
27. Marie Corelli – The Mighty Atom
28. Frances Mossiker – The Affair Of The Poisons
29. Hilda Lewis – The Witch And The Priest
30. Julian Franklyn – Death By Enchantment. An Examination Of Ancient And Modern Witchcraft
31. Ida B. Prangley – Fortune Telling By Cards
32. Peter Saxon – Dark Ways To Death
33. William Hope Hodgson – The Ghost Pirates
34. Gaston Leroux – The Phantom Of The Opera
35. Charles Williams – The Greater Trumps
36. Maurice Magre – The Return Of The Magi
37. Dennis Wheatley (ed.) – Uncanny Tales #3
38. Evelyn Eaton – The King Is A Witch
39. Mary Shelley – Frankenstein
40. Lord Dunsany – The Curse Of The Wise Woman
41. Sax Rohmer – Brood Of The Witch Queen
42. Pedro McGregor – Brazilian Magic: Is It The Answer?
43. Jack Williamson – Darker Than You Think
44. Charles Williams – War In Heaven
45. John Cowper Powys – Morwyn: The Vengeance Of God

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