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Robin Squire – A Portrait Of Barbara

Posted by demonik on November 12, 2008

Robin Squire – A Portrait Of Barbara (Sphere, 1980)

Terry Oakes

Artwork: Terry Oakes

“A good old fashioned, twisting and turning spook story”, according to Justin of the mighty Paperback Fanatic.  Don’t have a copy myself, i’m afraid, so can’t comment further! Thanks to Nightreader of Vault for providing the scan!

2 Responses to “Robin Squire – A Portrait Of Barbara”

  1. Dean Mcc said

    Ive been looking for this for more than 30 years!I started this book when I was a kid and my teacher took it away from me lol. Ive been looking for it ever since!!!Ill never forget that cover.Even the internet produced no results till now.Can someone point me to a copy?Ill pay dearly.THANX DM

  2. Joanna said

    How exciting to see this! It is, indeed, a great book. Here are more details: If you’re still looking for a copy Dean, please let me know

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