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John Blackburn – Broken Boy (Sphere, 1970)

Posted by demonik on August 28, 2017

John Blackburn – Broken Boy (Sphere, 1970)

Ritual Murder
The horribly mutilated corpse which the police dragged from the river was identified by British Intelligence. It appeared to be that of Gerda Raine, onetime agent of East Germany, who traded missile secrets for asylum in the West.

General Kirk was afraid that a foreign. power had set up a murder organisa­tion to operate in the British Isles.

Before long he was wishing it was only that.


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John Blackburn – Bury Him Darkly

Posted by demonik on August 13, 2007


John Blackburn – Bury Him Darkly (Sphere, 1970)


You’re spoilt for choice for reviews of this one as both Holger Hausse and Rog Pile were very impressed with this on Vault.

Holger’s is here and Roger’s is there.

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