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Ronald Patrick – Beyond The Threshold

Posted by demonik on May 11, 2009

Ronald Patrick – Beyond The Threshold (Sphere, 1982)

Beyond The Threshold

Beyond The Threshold

“There’s money in death. And for a young, ambitious mortician like Robert Carlisle it’s more than a way of life, it’s a fortune. San Fransicso needed a fast efficent and dignified service like Carlisle’s. It needed someone to deal with the grisly cargo of Vietnam body bags. But Carlisle didn’t need a way out sicko like Steve Anderson, the dandy of the icebox, on his staff. Nor did he need refugee surfer Chris Granger, straight out of high school and into the death trade. They want more than a decent living, they want the living body of his wife. As the manic city heat swelters outside his chilly kingdom of death, Carlisle feels blind fear seep into his veins. He has lived like a vampire on the dead, now he will pay the price…”

Thanks to Steve Goodwin for providing the cover scan and blurb!


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