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Sam Moskowitz – A Man Called Poe

Posted by demonik on August 5, 2007

Sam Moskowitz (ed.) – A Man Called Poe: Stories in The Vein Of Edgar Allan Poe (Sphere 1972)

Moskowitz - A Man Called Poe

Introduction by Sam Moskowitz
Edgar Allan Poe: A Biography in Brief by Thomas Ollive Mabbott

Fiction about Poe

The Valley of Unrest by Douglass Sherley
My Adventure with Edgar Allan Poe by Julian Hawthorne
In Which an Author and His Characters Are Well Met by Vincent Starrett
When It Was Moonlight by Manly Wade Wellman
The Man Who Collected Poe by Robert Bloch
The Man Who Thought He Was Poe by Michael Avallone
Manuscript Found in a Drawer by Charles Norman
The Dark Brotherhood by H.P. Lovecraft & August W. Derleth
Castaway by Edmond Hamilton

Fiction by Poe(?)

The Lighthouse by Edgar Allan Poe & Robert Bloch
The Atlantis by Peter Prospero, L.L.D.; M.A.; P.S.

Poetry About Poe Culminating in a Meeting between Edgar Allan Poe and H.P. Lovecraft

Edgar Allan Poe by Adolphe de Castro
St. John’s Churchyard by R.H. Barlow
In a Sequestered Churchyard Where Once Poe Walked by H.P. Lovecraft

Thanks to Severance at Vault Of Evil for posting the contents.

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