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Sphere Horror In The Seventies

Lisa Tuttle – Gabriel

Posted by demonik on May 11, 2009

Lisa Tuttle – Gabriel (Sphere 1987)

Lisa Tuttle Gabriel

Lisa Tuttle Gabriel

“His name was Gabriel Archer, and he was my husband for eleven months. He died at twenty-three, a few days before my nineteenth birthday. Ten years later, on my twenty-ninth, he came hack to haunt me…
Gabriel swore he would always love her. And then he died. A decade later, when Dinah meets Ben, she is amazed to find Gabriel’s penetrating eyes, his knowing smile, in a ten year old boy. When Ben says he loves her, Dinah is amused – and then frightened. Ben means what he says. He loves her – exactly the way Gabriel once loved her…. “I came back for you.” He smiled. It was not the smile of a ten-year-old child. It was Gabriel’s smile, adult, full of knowing. Dinah wanted to scream”


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