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Angus Hall – To Play the Devil

Posted by demonik on August 26, 2007

Angus Hall – To Play the Devil (Sphere, 1971)

Angus Hall To Play The Devil

The further adventures of Paul Harvard Toombs. Don’t have a copy myself (I’m gutted) but there’s an informative Hal C. F. Hastell review at dawtrina , fast becoming one of my favourite sites.

Thanks to Andy Decker of Vault for providing the cover scan.

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Ron Goulart – Vampirella 1: Bloodstalk

Posted by demonik on August 20, 2007

Ron Goulart – Vampirella 1: Bloodstalk (Sphere, 1976)


Vampirella is her name … and she lusts for blood!

Who is She? Beautiful, slick, deadly. An animal of prey stalking the streets, hunting for a victim.

Where does she come from? From the blackness of space itself. Pulled from her native planet by a secret Earth space probe, she is Earth’s first extraterrestrial visitor.

Why is she here? Trapped in a world far from her own, Vampirella must drink blood to survive. She must kill – or adapt – or die!



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Peter Haining – Terror!

Posted by demonik on August 19, 2007

Peter Haining – Terror! A History Of Horror Illustrations From The Pulp Magazines (Sphere, 1978)


This book is not for the faint-hearted. Between these pages lurks a collection of the most gruesome monsters, the most bloody atrocities ever to haunt your wildest dreams – straight from the fertile imaginations of pulp publishing’s most famous artists. Here are the illustrations that over nearly two hundred years have brought to life the grisly characters created by the cream of horror writers, from the 19th Century ‘penny dreadfuls’ to classic modern magazines such as Terror Tales, Amazing Stories and Weird Tales.

If your nerves can take it, let your eyes feast on this banquet of petrifying pics – in all their grim graphic glory!

Especially good on the pulp era artists like Lee Coye, Marion Brundage and, really, anybody who submitted great work to Weird Tales, Strange Tales, the ‘sex & sadism’ pulps, etc.  A beautiful book.

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Sarban – The Sound Of His Horn

Posted by demonik on August 16, 2007

Sarban – The Sound Of His Horn (Sphere 1970)

Sarban - The Sound Of His Horn

Alan Querdillion, a young naval lieutenant, is captured by the Germans and wakes up in a hospital bed – more than 100 years later.

The Germans have won the war, and the Third Reich stretches from the Urals to the Atlantic. Non Aryans are bred as slaves. Deprived of speech and intelligence by the surgeon’s knife, they serve their masters with their bodies.

Count Hans von Hackelnberg, master of the Reich’s forests, rules his domain with the iron fist of a fuedal lord. His passion is hunting. At night the sound of his horn echoes eerily through the moonlit forest as the pack closes in on its prey.

A pack of half-naked cat-girls, the inhiman creations of insane surgery, their hands sheathed in steel claws, their bellies starved of meat. And the quarry, as Alan discovered too late, is… himself.

Thanks to Rog Pile for the cover scans and blurb for this one!

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John Blackburn – Bury Him Darkly

Posted by demonik on August 13, 2007


John Blackburn – Bury Him Darkly (Sphere, 1970)


You’re spoilt for choice for reviews of this one as both Holger Hausse and Rog Pile were very impressed with this on Vault.

Holger’s is here and Roger’s is there.

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