Sordid Spheres!

Sphere Horror In The Seventies


Thanks to Justin Marriott of Paperback Fanatic for allowing me to use his list (and lots of other stuff like friendship, inspiration, posting on Vault …. )!

Thanks to everybody who ever posted a review, cover scan or word of support on Vault of Evil. It really has been a pleasure getting to know and work with you.

Thanks to Andy, aka Nightreader, of Vault for kindly providing me with missing cover scans and for his enthusiasm.

Thanks to nosferatu who gave so generously of his paperbacks to several grateful Vault people!

The scans. Vast majority of them were provided by Vault members and quite a few are mine but I’d be guilty of telling massive flame grilled whoppers if I denied that “one or two” were found online and I’m not so sure where ( Alwyn’s mighty Trash Fiction probably took its usual pounding). Most of the time  I’ll tart them up some but well, all I can do is again apologise for existing!

Paperback Fanatic

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