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Sphere Horror In The Seventies

* Sphere Horror In The Seventies

Sphere Horror In The Seventies

by Justin Marriott

This listing, bar the odd addition and amendment, first appeared in Paperback Fanatic 3 (August 2007)


John Blackburn – Bury Him Darkly
Robert Bloch and Ray Bradbury – Fever Dream
Robert Bloch – The Living Demons
Robert Bloch – Tales in a Jugular Vein
Angus Hall – Madhouse
Sheridan Le Fanu – The Best Horror Stories
Michel Parry – Countess Dracula
Sarban – The Sound of his Horn
Ray Russell – The Case Against Satan
William Seabrook – Witchcraft (non-fiction)
Kurt Singer (ed.) – The Oblong Box
Kurt Singer (ed.) – Plague of the Living Dead
Kurt Singer – (ed.) The House in the Valley
Robert Somerlott – The Inquisitor’s House


Richard Davis (ed.) – The Year’s Best Horror Stories 1
Peter Haining (ed.) – The Wild Night Company
Angus Hall – The Scars of Dracula
Angus Hall – To Play the Devil
William Hughes – Blind Terror
William Hughes – Lust for a Vampire
Ray Russell – Unholy Trinity
E. Spencer Shew – Hands Of The Ripper
Kurt Singer (ed) – The Day of the Dragon
David Sutton (ed.) – New Writings in the Horror and Supernatural 1
Alan Scott – Project Dracula


Richard Davis (ed.) – The Year’s Best Horror Stories 2
Peter Haining (ed.) – The Clans of Darkness
Laurence Moody – What Became Of Jack And Jill?
Ronald Pearsall – The Exorcism
David Sutton (ed.) – New Writings in the Horror and Supernatural 2
Richard Tate – The Dead Travel Fast
Sam Moskowitz (ed.) – A Man Called Poe


Richard Davis (ed.) – The Year’s Best Horror Stories 3
Stewart Farrar – What Witches Do (Non-Fiction)
Brian J. Frost (ed.) – Book of the Werewolf
Melissa Napier – The Haunted Woman
Daniel Farson – Jack The Ripper [non-fiction]
Raymond Rurdoff – The Dracula Archives


Theodore Sturgeon – Caviar


C L Moore – Shambleau
Guy N. Smith – The Ghoul
Robert Black – Legend of the Werewolf
Richard Curtis – Squirm
Ron Goulart – Vampirella 1:Bloodstalk


August Derleth (ed.) – When Evil Wakes
Ron Goulart – Vampirella 2: On Alien Wings
Ron Goulart – Vampirella 3: Deadwalk
Ken Johnson – Blue Sunshine
Fritz Leiber – Night’s Black Agents
Robert J Myers – The Slave of Frankenstein
Robert J Myers – The Cross of Frankenstein
Jack Ramsey – The Rage
Ray Russell – Incubus
Andrew Sinclair – Cat
Colin Wilson – Black Room


Ethel Blackledge – The Fire
John Christopher – The Possessors
John Christopher – The Little People
Basil Copper – Here Be Daemons
Basil Copper – The Great White Space
Giles Gordon (ed.) – A Book of Contemporary Nightmares
Peter Haining – Terror! A History Of Horror Illustrations From The Pulp Magazines
Peter Haining (ed) – Weird Tales
Peter Haining (ed) – More Weird Tales
Peter Haining (ed) – Ancient Mysteries Reader 1
Peter Haining (ed) – Ancient Mysteries Reader 2
Richard Matheson – Shock 1
Richard Matheson – Shock 2
Richard Matheson – Shock 3
Stephen Marlowe – Translation
Michael Robson – Holocaust 2000
Peter Tremayne – The Ants

Peter Tremayne – The Vengeance Of She


John Clark and Robin Evans – The Experiment
William Hope Hodgson – The Night Land
Robert R. McCammon – Baal
Kirby McCauley – Frights
Kirby McCauley – Frights 2
Jack Finney – Invasion Of The Body Snatchers
Graham Masterton – Charnel House
Graham Masterton – Devils of D-Day
Susan Sparrow – Dawn of the Dead
Gerald Suster – The Devil’s Maze

Peter Tremayne – The Curse of Loch Ness


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