Sordid Spheres!

Sphere Horror In The Seventies

Want to help? !!!


As you’ve doubtless noticed, some of the cover scans are scruffy or too tiny and many of the blurbs are missing. As with the anthology, NEL, Panther, Tandem & Co. blogs, it’s been a case of posting what was at hand with a view to improving upon it as we go along.

Want to help?

If you can provide some of the (as yet) missing cover scans and back-cover notes – the Dennis Wheatley Library Of The Occult haul, for example, is not what it might be – then i’d be very glad to hear from you.  Just imagine the thrill of seeing Thanks to [your name here] for the cover scan & blurb! at the bottom of a post! Set you up for life!

Thanks for reading

dem X

*please replace the AT with @ [anti-spam measure]*

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