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Archive for November, 2009

Anthony Boucher – The Compleat Werewolf

Posted by demonik on November 19, 2009

Anthony Boucher – The Compleat Werewolf & Other Tales Of Science Fiction (Sphere, 1971: Originally W. H. Allen, 1970)

The Compleat Werewolf
The Pink Caterpillar
Mr. Lupsecu
They Bite
We Print The Truth
The Ghost of Me


A splendid collection of short stories that include amongst their subjects…


And other delights for the reader who dares to dabble in the rich world of Anthony Boucher’s imagination.

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Julian Franklyn – Death By Enchantment

Posted by demonik on November 6, 2009

Julian Franklyn – Death By Enchantment [# 30] (Sphere, 1975: originally Hamish Hamilton, 1971)



An Examination of Ancient and Modern Witchcraft
Witchcraft has in recent years come back to the public consciousness with reports of graveyard desecrations, black magic rites and vandalism.
Julian Franklyn discusses such incidents as manifestations of the black art.
Touching on the infamous Salem witch trials, sorcery in Melanesia and the notorious Aleister Crowley, he reviews the whole subject in the light of modern theories of psychology, hypnotism and suggestibility.

Death by Enchantment is Volume 30 in the Dennis Wheatley Library of the Occult

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