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James Darke – Witches #7 The Feud

Posted by demonik on June 4, 2009

James Darke – Witches #7 The Feud (Sphere, 1986)



‘It is when you think yourself safe,’ said John Ferris as he sheltered from the bitter wind, ‘that you are most at risk.’ And his words proved chillingly prophetic. For though he had suffered grievously from the ministrations of those evil men – and women – who celebrated the Black Arts, he could little have guessed how close at hand his enemies were. Not many leagues distant, in cellars that reeked of monkshood, henbane and thorn-apple, dark garbed figures with arcane names were pursuing their gruesome rites by the sinister light of black candles. And before long even the watchful Ferris would be lured into their midst, and find himself as helpless as a new-born babe in the face of their fiendish magick…

Thanks to Steve Goodwin for the cover scan and blurb

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