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Les Daniels – The Silver Skull

Posted by demonik on June 2, 2009

Les Daniels – The Silver Skull (Sphere, 1983)




Into the fabulous realms of sixteenth-century Mexico came Alfonso Martinez, a Spanish alchemist, in search of the legendary Aztec gold. And with the aid of the silver skull of Don Sebastian de Villanueva – wizard, vampire, explorer of earth’s dark mysteries – he held the key to the New World’s secrets.
Then the skull fell into the hands of a virgin priestess, the sensuous leader of an Aztec cult. And in awesome scenes of occult ritual and bloody human sacrifice, Don Sebastian was brought back to life. So began an unholy alliance as vampire and priestess joined forces, summoning all the dread powers of Evil at their command to destroy the army led by Cortes…

THE SILVER SKULL is a masterpiece of blood-chilling terror which ranks with DRACULA and FRANKENSTEIN for sheer compelling horror.
Don’t miss Les Daniels’s other horror classic: THE BLACK CASTLE — Also available in Sphere Books

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