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Stephen Laws – Ghost Train

Posted by demonik on June 5, 2009

Stephen Laws – Ghost Train (Sphere, 1987)

 Cover illustration: Nick Bantock

Cover illustration: Nick Bantock

Loathsome. An unspeakable abomination. A horror buried so deep in his psyche he can remember not a single detail of what it has done to him. He stands in the railway station and shudders uncontrollably.
The dreams at night. The Ghost Train Man back again after all those years. Robbie with the noose around his neck still, so dead, so cold. Childhood nightmares resurrected after the incident on the train.
Approaching the platform now, ticket in hand. Go on urges one voice; Go back cries another. Mind spinning, people staring. The feeling of choking earth fills his mouth but he must fight his way on board and confront the demons that are lurking there …

“Superbly written .. . a frenzied climax” – YORKSHIRE EVENING POST

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