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Guy Lyon Playfair – This House Is Haunted

Posted by demonik on June 15, 2009

Guy Lyon Playfair – This House Is Haunted (Sphere, 1981)





In 1977 life as the Harpers had known it came rapidly to an end. For their Enfield home was visited by a wilfully destructive poltergeist. Chairs were thrown and bricks hurled at visitors to the house. Bedclothes were removed, cutlery and metal fittings bent and twisted, writing mysteriously appeared on the walls and even the Harpers’ teenage daughter achieved the amazing feat of levitation. And through this ordeal Mrs Harper and her family, though often frightened and worried, were firmly rationale as mediums, ghost-hunters and the Press invaded their home.

One year later the family were experts on psychic-phenomena. For the ghost was captured on tape and film by Maurice Grosse of the Society for Psychical Research and writer Guy Lyon Playfair. More compellingly vivid than any fiction, this extraordinary story was happening here in Britain, persuading even the most case-hardened sceptic to believe that THIS HOUSE IS HAUNTED

“an extraordinary book of dedicated documentation” – Daily Express

“Gripping account of astonishing paranormal activities … backed by some impressive photographs” – Now!

2 Responses to “Guy Lyon Playfair – This House Is Haunted”

  1. Miss Colleen Hickie said

    I was wondering if you know how to get in contact with Guy Lyon Playfair as i really wish to write to him and tell him how amazing i think he is. Your’s Sincerely, Colleen Hickie.

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