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Gerald Suster – The Elect

Posted by demonik on May 12, 2009

Gerald Suster – The Elect (Sphere, 1980)


They meet in Paris in 1776, in London in 1912 and in Washington in 1938. They planned the violence, revolutions and bloody, bitter wars that followed.


The conspiracy was almost complete. In the Vatican, the newly appointed Pope was preparing his first Encyclical, guided by a voice like Christ’s. In America, Democratic Candidates for the Presidential election were falling like flies. A centuries-old aim was close to attainment.

Nine men were poised to plunge the world into an age as dark and forbidding as Hell itself, an age of anarchic bloodshed. An age completely dominated by THE ELECT.

The devastating novel of occult power and awesome conspiracy.

Vault of  Evil thread on The Elect

Thanks to Mr. Mark Samuels!


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