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Ray Russell – Incubus

Posted by demonik on August 5, 2007

Ray Russell – Incubus (Sphere, 1977, 1983)


Ray Russell - Incubus

“Galen is an ordinary, peaceful small town. Until horrendous terror strikes … and strikes again and again, each time claiming a female victim in a fashion too hideous to contemplate. Julian Trask, student of the occult, is used to thinking the unthinkable. As he works towards the solution of the soul-searing mystery, Galen trembles in mortal dread. For no woman is safe from the lethal lust of THE INCUBUS.”

Fine novel of sexual terror. A monster is at large, raping the women of Galen and such is the size of his appendage that none survive to identify their attacker.
Russell crafts an atmosphere heavy with menace and sensuality as the terrified community arm themselves against the fiend, but still the women are picked off. There are some truly horrific setpieces, not least the destruction of a paralytic and her likeable daughter, while another woman is almost boiled alive in the shower. In days past, it seems, the village had bourne witness to witch tortures, and these are duly recounted to up the grossness factor.
The final chase through the woods when the identity of the incubus has been revealed is suitably nightmarish.

Cover shown is the 1983 edition.

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