Sordid Spheres!

Sphere Horror In The Seventies

Peter Tremayne – Nicor!

Posted by demonik on June 4, 2009

Peter Tremayne – Nicor! (Sphere, 1987)



The monsters straddled the bay, giant black towers spurting flame far into the tropical night. From the belly of each a long, sharp proboscis stabbed down into the seabed. Oil rigs. Slashing, whirling teeth biting greedily into the ocean floor, sucking deeply into its secrets. Secrets that should have remained forever buried in those peaceful waters. For in those Caribbean depths lurked something beyond the feeble powers of man, an abomination that the oilmen’s relentless probing would provoke into a violent frenzy of retribution and surging, blood-stained surf.

Thanks to Severance for the cover scan

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