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Ron Goulart – Vampirella 1: Bloodstalk

Posted by demonik on August 20, 2007

Ron Goulart – Vampirella 1: Bloodstalk (Sphere, 1976)


Vampirella is her name … and she lusts for blood!

Who is She? Beautiful, slick, deadly. An animal of prey stalking the streets, hunting for a victim.

Where does she come from? From the blackness of space itself. Pulled from her native planet by a secret Earth space probe, she is Earth’s first extraterrestrial visitor.

Why is she here? Trapped in a world far from her own, Vampirella must drink blood to survive. She must kill – or adapt – or die!



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Ron Goulart – Vampirella 3: Deadwalk

Posted by demonik on August 4, 2007

Vampirella #3:: Deadwalk (Sphere, 1977)


Vampi; “The girl with the terrific pair!” it says here

The usual wholesome fare with our heroine once again finding herself taken captive, manacled and seperated from her blood substitute, forcing her to feed from one of her captors. It’s business as usual in her love life too, with Adam Van Helsing’s father always on hand with his trusty stake whenever the pair look set to get down to some serious hanky panky. This time the setting is the Carribean Island of Cote de Soliel, where the perma-drunk stage magician Pendragon and his glamorous assistant fall foul of a Voodoo cult with a penchant for human sacrifice, though the action later moves on to London via LA. Vampirella’s latest foes include a vampire rock star, Devastator, and Brian Josefen, whose bargain with the Cult of Chaos has prolongued his existence despite a (for once) spectacularly grisly ‘death’. Also of note, Devastator’s producer, Rigby, a knowingly (?) grotesque cartoon of the uber sexist. His first words to Vampirella – “You’ve got a terrific pair of knockers!” (“Why, thank you for noticing”) – sets the tone for an entire chapter of his words of wisdom: “Would you like to park that beautiful ass of yours in a chair, Vampi? … I don’t much like brainy broads. You can keep your smartass comebacks to yourself. We all have our specialities. Mine is clever remarks, yours is nice tits … I really don’t go for a bimbo who flaunts her brains”.I can see you’re warming to him already. “I admire your courtly style Mr. Rigby” remarks a supremely unimpressed Vampirella.

This is very good stuff indeed.

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Ron Goulart – Vampirella 2: On Alien Wings

Posted by demonik on August 4, 2007

Ron Goulart – Vampirella 2: On Alien Wings (Sphere, 1977)




VAMPIRELLA the hypnotically beautiful alien is an animal of prey, doomed to stalk the earth seeking victims to provide her with food, with life. For her food is blood!

Now, trapped on a deserted tropical island, hunted by ravening beasts set on her by the devotees of the Cult of Chaos, Vampirella is pursued by the vampire-obsessed Conrad Von Helsing who has vowed to plunge a stake into her heart. She must fight against the call of her own bloodlust, but sustain her strength for the battle with implacable enemies…


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