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Kirby McCauley – Frights

Posted by demonik on August 6, 2007

Kirby McCauley (ed.) – Frights (Sphere, 1979)

Kirby McCauley - Frights

Introduction: Wonder And Terror – Fritz Leiber

Russell Kirk – There’s A Long, Long Trail A-Winding
Brian Lumley – The Whisperer
Joe Halderman – Armaja Das
Poul & Karen Anderson – The Kitten
R. A. Lafferty – Oh Tell Me Will It Freeze Tonight
William F. Nolan – Dead Call
Davis Grubb – The Idiots
Ramsey Campbell – The Companion
David Drake – Firefight
Dennis Etchison – It Only Comes Out At Night
Robert Aickman – Compulsory Games
John Jakes & Richard E. Peck – Sums
Robert Bloch – The Warm Farewell
Gahan Wilson – End Game

Kirby McCauley – Afterword.

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