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Ron Goulart – Vampirella 1: Bloodstalk

Posted by demonik on August 20, 2007

Ron Goulart – Vampirella 1: Bloodstalk (Sphere, 1976)


Vampirella is her name … and she lusts for blood!

Who is She? Beautiful, slick, deadly. An animal of prey stalking the streets, hunting for a victim.

Where does she come from? From the blackness of space itself. Pulled from her native planet by a secret Earth space probe, she is Earth’s first extraterrestrial visitor.

Why is she here? Trapped in a world far from her own, Vampirella must drink blood to survive. She must kill – or adapt – or die!



One Response to “Ron Goulart – Vampirella 1: Bloodstalk”

  1. Damon Williams said

    Is this book for sale? I have the whole set, but my copy of this Euro version is in lame condition. Please let me know… D. Williams

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