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Basil Copper – Necropolis

Posted by demonik on June 6, 2009

Basil Copper – Necropolis (Sphere, 1981)




Private Dective Clyde Beatty’s suspicions are aroused when he is approached by the lovely Angela Meredith to investigate the circumstances surrounding her father’s death. And when an autopsy reveals the hideous truth about her father’s corpse, Beatty sets forth on a macabre trail of conspiracy and murder that leads back to Brookwood Cemetery. There, in the vast Victorian city of the dead, amidst ancient mausoleums and sepulchral spires, Beatty stalks an ungodly prey. While beneath the hallowed ground, in subterranean catacombs, Blackwood’s deadliest secret of all holds the key to Beatty’s life… or death.

“Feverish gaslight gothic that’s as rich in atmosphere as it is in ghoulish doings” – Kirkus Reviews

“A dark, exotic Gothic thriller… Excellent!” – Booklist

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Basil Copper – Here Be Daemons

Posted by demonik on June 6, 2009

Basil Copper – Here Be Daemons (Sphere, 1978)


Old Mrs. Cartwright
The Knocker At The Portico
The Way The World Died
The Second Passenger
The Treasure Of Our Lady
Justice At The Crossroads
Mrs. Van Donk
The Trodes
The Great Vore

Black Magic novella The Great Vore is arguably the stand-out of this, Copper’s fifth collection. Revenge At The Crossroads sees a stranger fall foul of superstitious villagers when they mistake him for a vampire. The Second Passenger, and a murderer is pursued by the rotting corpse of his victim – hardly original, but one of the best stories of its kind.

Thanks to H. P. Saucecraft for providing the cover scan

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