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Elliott O’Donnell – The Sorcery Club

Posted by demonik on May 7, 2009

Elliott O’Donnell – The Sorcery Club [# 6] (Sphere, 1974)

Elliott ODonnell - The Sorcery Club

Elliott O'Donnell - The Sorcery Club

When they found the book they laughed at it. Who would believe that an and volume of Atlantean magic spells could be taken seriously? But when they experimented they discovered the frightening truth ….
A demon was conjured up and with hellish skill enmeshed them in its devilish intrigues.

It offered them a pact that would grant them superhuman powers … but the price was high: the demon wanted their souls.

The Sorcery Club
is Volume 6 in the Dennis Wheatley Library of the Occult

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