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Basil Copper – The Great White Space

Posted by demonik on June 2, 2009

Basil Copper – The Great White Space (Sphere, 1978)


Terry Oakes


Beyond the hideous Plain of darkness, past the terrifying secret city, deep within earth’s dank uncharted caverns, a monstrous hybrid race stood guard at the entrance to the great white space.

So it was that the Great Northern Expedition ventured into the horrors of a stupendously vast underground terrain, in search of the legendary opening to another universe, peopled by an unimaginable spawn of darkness…

Thanks to Calenture for the cover scan and blurb.

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Peter Tremayne – The Curse of Loch Ness

Posted by demonik on April 12, 2009

Peter Tremayne – The Curse of Loch Ness (Sphere, 1979)


A bibliography of Peter Tremayne’s  Horror & Fantasy Paperbacks compiled by compiled by Justin Marriott for Paperback Fanatic #9, February 2009 is available online at Vault Of Evil. Many thanks to Mr. Marriott for granting us permission to reproduce it!

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Robin Squire – A Portrait Of Barbara

Posted by demonik on November 12, 2008

Robin Squire – A Portrait Of Barbara (Sphere, 1980)

Terry Oakes

Artwork: Terry Oakes

“A good old fashioned, twisting and turning spook story”, according to Justin of the mighty Paperback Fanatic.  Don’t have a copy myself, i’m afraid, so can’t comment further! Thanks to Nightreader of Vault for providing the scan!

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