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Clive Barker – Books Of Blood Volume 1

Posted by demonik on June 5, 2009

Clive Barker – Books Of Blood Volume 1 (Sphere, 1984)

Cover illustration by Clive Barker

Cover illustration by Clive Barker


The dead wrote on the boy’s flesh. Turned him into a living BOOK OF BLOOD. These are the stories they wrote …

The Midnight Meat Train:
a stomach-churning ride on the New York subway, to feed the Old Gods on human meat.

The Yattering And Jack:
Man versus Demon, in a black comedy of lunatic violence …

Pig Blood Blues:
They told Redman the pig was possessed, but he didn’t believe… until the nightmare came trotting after him.

Sex, Death And Starshine
The show must go on. Even if the audience has just risen from the dead!

In The Hills, The Cities:
There are monsters nobody has ever dared imagine before; vast enough to take your breath away. And they’re waiting in the hills …

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