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Clive Barker – Books Of Blood Volume 3

Posted by demonik on June 5, 2009

Clive Barker – Books Of Blood Volume 3 (Sphere, 1984)

Cover illustration by Clive Barker

Cover illustration by Clive Barker


Another five stories to take you to the brink, in the third volume of Clive Barker’s Books Of Blood ….

Son Of Celluloid:
There’s something haunting the old cinema. Something that gives you a taste of stardom … then sucks out your eyes!

Rawhead Rex:
The ultimate monster is on the loose, with a hunger that won’t be satisfied this side of Hell.

Confessions Of A Pornographer’s Shroud
When the Porn Kings tortured Ronnie Glass to death they didn’t believe in Resurrection. They do now.

Four lost people on a lost island, with the dead calling from the sea…

Human Remains:
Gavin was a whore, happy to sell his body for hard cash. Until he met the creature that wanted to own his flesh forever.

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