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Peter Kolosimo – Not Of This World

Posted by demonik on January 19, 2012

Peter Kolosimo – Not Of This World    ( Sphere, 1971, 1977: originally Sugar Editore, Milan, 1969)



Translated by A. D. Hills


The ‘astronauts’ of ancient Japan, Mexico and the Sahara … the mysterious Great Wall of Peru … the legends of Mu and Atlantis… the astronomical clock at Stonehenge … the extra-terrestrial giants described in the Popol Vuh, ancient bible of the Maya Indians.

NOT OF THIS WORLD is a revolutionary survey of the evidence that a highly advanced technological people from another solar system had contact with our planet in the prehistoric past. The author backs his argument with an impressive array of fact drawn from history, myth and archaeology, and a unique collection of drawings
and photographs.

‘Superbly written … a powerful introduction to an awesome subject’ – Newcastle Journal

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William Hope Hodgson – Carnacki The Ghost-Finder

Posted by demonik on August 16, 2010

William Hope Hodgson – Carnacki The Ghost-Finder [# 6] (Sphere, 1974)


Carnacki   …. ‘ghost finder’ and ‘ghost breaker’, a psychic sleuth fighting against sinister forces from Outside. These nine spinetingling tales of conflict with dark powers lurking on the rim of human consciousness include such classics as The Gateway of the Monster, The Thing Invisible and The Searcher of the End House.

Carnacki The Ghost-Finder is Volume 6 in the Dennis Wheatley Library of the Occult.

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Gerald Suster – The Devil’s Maze

Posted by demonik on June 14, 2009

Gerald Suster – The Devil’s Maze (Sphere, 1979)



With his death in November 1977, Dennis Wheatley left a vacancy for a new British dark master of Black Magic, and three of the applicants, as it were, were serious occultists turned pulp horror authors Jack Shackleford, Eric Erickson and Gerald Suster. The Devil’s Maze, Suster’s debut, has so far eluded me, but writing in the current Paperback Fanatic, Stephen Sennitt has no hesitation in proclaiming it Suster’s finest novel, a tribute to Arthur Machen which takes the Welsh mystic’s The Three Imposters as its inspiration.

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Frances Mossiker – The Affair Of The Poisons

Posted by demonik on May 14, 2009

Frances Mossiker – The Affair Of The Poisons [#28] (Sphere, 1975)

Frances Mossiker - The Affair Of The Poisons

Frances Mossiker - The Affair Of The Poisons

From The Introduction by Dennis Wheatley:

At no time has Satanism been so widely practised as in Paris in the 1670s. During this period Louis XIV – the Sun King, the builder of magnificent Versailles, the commander of the greatest army in Europe – was in his late thirties and at the height of his powers.

Yet, while he won for himself glory by personally conducting the victorious campaigns that greatly extended France’s borders, in his capital Black Masses were celebrated daily. Scores of beautiful women who made his Court the most splendid in Europe lay naked on altars and allowed often repulsive, elderly priests to copulate with them, then murder infants so that their blood might be offered up to the Devil.

The revelation of these appalling practices began in 1676 with the trial of the Marquise de Brinvilliers. This terrible woman and her lover first visited hospitals with gifts of food for the inmates, into which they had inserted a variety of poisons to try out their effects. She then murdered her father and two of her brothers, but an attempt on her husband failed. She fled but was caught, tried and condemned to be first tortured then executed. Before her death she declared, ‘If I cared to talk you would learn that half the aristocracy are as guilty of poisoning as I am.’

And she was right.

The Affair Of The Poisons is volume 28 in the Dennis Wheatley Library Of The Occult

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Peter Saxon – Dark Ways To Death

Posted by demonik on May 12, 2009

Peter Saxon – Dark Ways To Death [#32] (Sphere, 1975)



From The Introduction

“I have rarely read a novel, the first chapter of which was more colourless, impersonal and lacking in inducement to continue. But don’t be put off by that …”

Dark Ways To Death is volume 32 in the Dennis Wheatley Library Of The Occult

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