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Fritz Leiber – Night’s Black Agents

Posted by demonik on May 6, 2008

Fritz Leiber – Night’s Black Agents (Sphere, 1977)


Modern Horrors:

Smoke Ghost
The Automatic Pistol
The Inheritance
The Hill and the Hole
The Dreams Of Albert Moreland
The Hound
Diary in the Snow


The Man Who Never Grew Young

Ancient Adventures:

The Sunken Land
Adept’s Gambit

“Fritz Leiber is author of the most frightening and thoroughly convincing of all modern horror stories”

– Damon Knight

Here at last in paperback is the premiere collection of fantasy and horror fiction which has long been a coveted collectors’ item in hardback. The first part of the anthology includes unsurpassable horror tales of the modern city. The second exemplifies the best in Leiber’s ‘Ancient Adventures’ and features those two world-famous characters of sword-and-sorcery fiction, Farfrd and the Grey Mouser. These are colourful, exciting fantasies in the great tradition of fantastic adventure.

The collection which fantasy and horror readers have all being waiting for!

Thanks to sean of vault for the contents and cover scan!

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