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Owen West – The Funhouse

Posted by demonik on June 15, 2009

Owen West [Dean R. Koontz] – The Funhouse (Sphere, 1981)



For twenty-five years it grew in the shadows—tonight it waits for Amy in …  THE FUNHOUSE

A novel by Owen West based on a screenplay by Larry Block

Tonight Amy and her friends are spending the night at the carnival. And whilst they enjoy all the fun of the fair they will visit the funhouse, a place for gondola rides, gory delights and midnight terror.

But there is unspeakable Evil waiting for Amy in the dark labyrinths of the funhouse, a secret Evil that began twenty-five years ago, when a lonely woman destroyed her monstrous offspring, and a violently disturbed man vowed to exact his terrible revenge.

Now it’s Amy’s turn to keep her date with horror  as she enters the funhouse – for A CARNIVAL OF TERROR!

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Richard Curtis – Squirm

Posted by demonik on June 14, 2009

Richard Curtis – Squirm (Sphere, 1976)




“This was the night of crawling terror! SQUIRM is the blood-curdling shocker calculated to make you writhe with terror. A sleepy Southern town doesn’t know what’s hit it when a freak nightmare of a storm brings down the overhead electrical power lines which then direct a massive electrical charge into the wet mud. And that’s just the beginning. For the slimy, oozing, crawling horror which results – an angry rampaging mass of carnivorous superworms – is the most terrifying threat ever to be unleashed on (or under) the surface of the planet…”

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Guy N. Smith – The Ghoul

Posted by demonik on June 8, 2009

Guy N. Smith – The Ghoul (Sphere, 1976)

Les Edwards

Les Edwards


Two cars roar away into the darkness from the noisy brilliance of a party, on a race to Land’s End. But a few hours later inpenetrable fog brings them to a halt on a deserted moorrland road, and brings the occupants to the brink of an unspeakable fate. For nearby is a house of horror and death, a house which harbours a terrible creature which feeds on human flesh …. the ghoul.

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