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Donald McCormick – The Hellfire Club

Posted by demonik on June 19, 2011

Donald McCormick – The Hellfire Club [#26]  (Sphere, 1976)

donald mccormick the hellfire club sphere

Many myths have grown up around the activities of the Hell-Fire Club, deep in the caves at the heart of West Wycombe Hill. The mysterious rites, Satanic practices and masked orgies of some of the most elevated figures in the land – including the Prime Minister – captured the public imagination.
This book reveals the fascinating truth behind the legends of the infamous club.

The Hell-Fire Club is Volume 26 in the Dennis Wheatley Library of the Occult

grateful thanks to ‘nosferatu‘ for gifting me copies of The Hellfire Club, War In Heaven, Brood of the Witch Queen, Uncanny Tales #1, The Mighty Atom, Frankenstein and The Affair Of The Poisons. this board would be all the poorer for their omission.

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