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Jere Cunningham – The Legacy

Posted by demonik on August 20, 2019

Jere Cunningham – The Legacy (Sphere, 1980: originally Fawcett, 1977)


Chester Rawlings is the first victim – he blows his brains out to escape a living death.
Then old Sam is discovered lying beside his master’s grave, dead of an unnatural heart attack- two corpse-like fingers clutched in his hand.
Now a child watches as her parents struggle in the grip of an unspeakable horror: only the child knows the awful truth – it is already too late to save them from THE LEGACY

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John Blackburn – Broken Boy (Sphere, 1970)

Posted by demonik on August 28, 2017

John Blackburn – Broken Boy (Sphere, 1970)

Ritual Murder
The horribly mutilated corpse which the police dragged from the river was identified by British Intelligence. It appeared to be that of Gerda Raine, onetime agent of East Germany, who traded missile secrets for asylum in the West.

General Kirk was afraid that a foreign. power had set up a murder organisa­tion to operate in the British Isles.

Before long he was wishing it was only that.


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Graham Masterton – Famine

Posted by demonik on October 13, 2014

Graham Masterton – Famine  (Sphere, 1981, 1988)


When the grain crop failed in Kansas it seemed like an isolated incident and no one took much notice. Except Ed Hardesty. Then the blight spread to California’s fruit harvest, and from there, like wildfire, throughout the nation.
A tidal wave of terror
Suddenly America woke up to the fact that her food supplies were almost wiped out. Her grain reserves lethally polluted. And Botulism was multiplying at a horrifying rate…

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The Best Of Fritz Leiber

Posted by demonik on February 1, 2013

The Best Of Fritz Leiber  (Sphere, 1974).



Wanted – An Enemy    
The Man Who Never Grew Young    
The Ship Sails at Midnight
The Enchanted Forest
Coming Attraction
Poor Superman
A Pail of Air
The Foxholes of Mars    
The Big Holiday    
The Night He Cried    
The Big Trek    
Space-Time for Springers    
Try and Change the Past    
A Deskful of Girls    
Little Old Miss Macbeth    
The Man Who Made Friends With Electricity    
The Good New Days    
Gonna Roll the Bones    
America the Beautiful    


Fritz Leiber began writing science fiction in the 1940s and, to the delight of his fans, is still going strong. Perhaps best known for his Big Time series and the Hugo and Nebula awards winner Gonna Roll The Bones, Leiber succeeds in blending fantasy and science fiction in superbly readable fashion. This collection of twenty-two short stories is intended to demonstrate the development of his fascinating talent.

The collection includes

Gonna Roll The Bones – Joe Slattermill knew he could roll dice better than any man in Night Town. But then he played against the Big Gambler.
The Big Trek – He didn’t know where he was or how he got there. But he did know he shouldn’t be able to
understand the creatures he met.
Mariana – She flicked a switch that turned off the world . . . and the last one had her name on it.

This anthology includes a bibliography and an introduction by Fritz Leiber.

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Raymond Rudorff – The Dracula Archives (1977)

Posted by demonik on November 11, 2012

Raymond Rudorff – The Dracula Archives (Sphere, 2nd edition, 1977)

The undead are haunting the night…

Out of the dim mists of the past, a mysterious narrator has reconstructed the terrible history of the House of Dracula.

He pieces together the letters and journals of seven people who became caught up in a web of terror, a nightmare that finally brought them face to face with a hellish legend turned to reality.

But what are this strange narrator’s motives? Why has he dedicated himself with such fervour to uncovering the long-lost secret of the Vampire Count?

Could it be that the old prophecy that the blood of Dracula would rise again has yet to be fulfilled?

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