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Theodore Sturgeon – Some Of Your Blood

Posted by demonik on December 17, 2009

Theodore Sturgeon – Some Of Your Blood (Sphere, 1967: Originally Ballantine, US, 1963)



Behaviour: Dangerous
Psychosis: Unclassified violent

The “hero” of this extraordinary novel is a monster, a fiend, a warped and twisted creature with an insane craving for human blood.
Yet the monster is also a human being – and it is Theodore Sturgeon’s peculiar talent that he makes us understand how his mind works, and why he is what he is ….

“Sturgeon makes completely credible a not unprecedented but still astonishing case of extreme criminal psychosis – one of the season’s most absorbing books” – New York Times.

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  1. Will E. said

    Great American covers for Sturgeon’s classic here:

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