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Robert R. McCammon – Baal

Posted by demonik on June 9, 2009

Robert R. McCammon – Baal (Sphere, 1979: 1989)

Steve Crisp (1989 edition)

Steve Crisp (1989 edition)


A woman is ravished, and to her a child is born, unleashing an unimaginable evil upon the world! And they call him BAAL in the orphanage, where he leads the children on a rampage of violence in California, where he appears as the head of a deadly Manson-like cult in Kuwait, where crazed millions heed his call to murder and orgy. They call him BAAL in the Artic’s hellish wasteland, where he is tracked by the only three men with the will to stop him: Zark, the Shaman; Virga, the aging professor of Theology; and Michael, the powerful, mysterious stranger.

1979 edition

1979 edition

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