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Peter Tremayne – The Vengeance Of She

Posted by demonik on April 12, 2009

Peter Tremayne – The Vengeance Of She (Sphere, 1978)

They called her “She-Who-Must-Be-Obeyed” – priestess of the ancient Mother of Mysteries, whose story had become a terrifying legend. Her body had perished thousands of years ago, but her spirit was immortal, and she had sworn one day to return and wreak havoc on those who had destroyed her.

Dr Hugh Strickland didn’t believe in dusty old legends. But when pretty young Noreen Pemberton was entrusted to his psychiatric care, he was forced to rethink all his long-held beliefs. For another personality was fighting for possession of Noreen’s body.

As the invading spirit grew stronger, Strickland realized that he was dealing with something monstrous and beyond his control – and that knowledge put him in mortal danger. For, fuelled by the fires of a long forgotten age, Ayesha was rising – to fulfil her legend and live again!

Thanks to killercrab of Vault for providing the scan!


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