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Peter Tremayne – The Ants

Posted by demonik on April 12, 2009

Peter Tremayne – The Ants (1978)



When Jane Sewell returns to the Brazilian jungle to help her anthropologist father in his work, it is not the happy reunion she is expecting. She doesn’t find the thriving village she remembers. Just a pile of bones. Human bones. Picked clean.

And then the ancient steamboat Falcão chugs cheerfully into sight, carrying a ghastly cargo of grisly death. And, for Jane, the horror really begins.

Somewhere, out in the seething jungle, a remorseless army is on the move. And it seems as though nothing can stop its savage, merciless drive.

Relentlessly, inexorably, tearing, rending and consuming everything in their path


A bibliography of Peter Tremayne’s  Horror & Fantasy Paperbacks compiled by compiled by Justin Marriott for Paperback Fanatic #9, February 2009 is available online at Vault Of Evil. Many thanks to Mr. Marriott for granting us permission to reproduce it!


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