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Peter Haining – Weird Tales

Posted by demonik on August 5, 2007

Peter Haining (ed.) – Weird Tales (Sphere, 1978)

Peter Haining - Weird Tales

Introduction – Peter Haining

Edmund Hamilton – The Man Who Returned
Robert E Howard – Black Hound of Death
August W Derleth – The Shuttered House
Seabury Quinn – Frozen Beauty
Robert E Howard – Haunting Columns
H. P. Lovecraft – Beyond the Wall of Sleep
Clark Ashton Smith – The Garden of Adompha
Vincent Starrett – Cordelia’s Song
Henry Kuttner – Beyond the Phoenix
G. G. Pendarves – The Black Monk
Henry S Whitehead – The Passing of a God
Leah Bodine Drake – They Run Again

The Eyrie – Readers’ Letters

Edmond Hamilton – The Man Who Returned: John Woodward awakens to find himself encoffined in the family vault. Buried alive! Terrified, he struggles and scrapes until he eventually frees himself, and staggers off home to tell his wife the good news. A lot has changed in the time he’s been away …

Robert E. Howard – Black Hound Of Death: Egypt. The psychotic Tope Braxton breaks jail, killing two men in the process. Kirby Garfield, the narrator, goes to warn the reclusive Richard Brent of the escape. Passing through the woods he meets a dying negro, hideously mutilated, who looks as though a pack of dogs have torn him apart, although he insists with his last breath that a white man he was guiding to Brent’s hideout performed these abominations.

Garfield is soon attacked himself, but escapes to alert Brent, who obviously knows more than he’s letting on about the murder and comes on all terrified at mention of the word “hounds”.It transpires that, some years earlier, Brent had left his friend Adam Grimm to be tortured by the Devil Monks of Mongolia while he made a run for it, and these fiends had transformed Grimm into a werewolf. Sworn to vengeance, he has teamed up with Braxton and together they cut a bloody swathe through the land as they hones in on their target. They’ve also lured Brent’s neice, Gloria, from New York for the purpose of skinning her alive.

The ‘bloke who get’s tortured in the jungle and goes all surly about it’ theme is also used to good effect in Seabury Quinn’s Suicide Chapel (a far better De Grandin than the average Frozen Beauty, IMO).

Seabury Quinn – Frozen Beauty:  Dr. Paviovitch is assassinated by Tsarists before he can revive Nikokova, the girl he froze when illness prevented her fleeing the country with he and her lover. De Grandin releases the girl from her twenty-year suspended animation and takes out the entire evil death squad.


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