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David Sutton – New Writings In Horror

Posted by demonik on August 5, 2007

David Sutton (ed.) – New Writings In Horror & The Supernatural (Sphere, 1971)

Introduction – David A. Sutton

Kenneth Bulmer – Under The Tombstone
Richard Davis – The Time Of Waiting
Robin Smyth – The Inglorious Rise Of The Catsmeat Man
Michael G. Coney – The Hollow Where
R. W. Mackelworth – Mr. Nobody
David A. Riley – The Farmhouse
Julia Birley – The People Down Below
W. T. Webb – Phantasmagoria
Bryn Fortey – Prison
David Rome – Charley’s Chair
Ramsey Campbell – Broadcast
David Campton – Goat
E. C. Tubb – The Winner

“Unlike most new anthologies NEW WRITINGs contains none of the great names of the past. Each story appears in these pages for the first time. The aim of the series is to discover tomorow’s masters of the macabre today”.

From David Sutton’s introduction to “New Writings In Horror & The Supernatural” (Sphere, 1971), the first of a two volume series, both of which he edited and compiled.

As you’d expect, this was very much contemporary horror, with many of the stories touching on black magic, then enjoying something of a revival amongst the young (at least, as far as The News of the World was concerned). When it came to these types of books, Michel Parry, Campbell and Richard Davis were all pretty much Sutton’s brothers in arms, each of them compiling anthologies that tested notions of what was, and what was not, permissable in print at the time.

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